LED Lights

LED Lights are available in white, silver and polished aluminium to suit your decor.

Here, at McCormicks, we have been researching and developing LED energy efficient lighting for the past five years. One of the LED lights we have developed comes in the form of a very unique "CLEAN BEAM" 10 watt L.E.D. downlight, which, with it's special single chip "MAGNIFIED" lens, we have achieved a much higher output of light for less energy costing than other similar downlights currently available on the Australian market.

"CLEAN BEAM" is not only cleaner for the environment, but also for its simple clean lines and its classy architectural elegance, along with its dimmable capability, which not only offers you a further saving in energy cost, but also gives you the opportunity to achieve a vast variety of lighting atmosphere to suit each and every one of your moods, thereby making your home extremely comfortable and a joy to live in.

This downlight, with its unique magnifying lens gives off the same amount of light as a standard 50 watt halogen with an 80% energy saving and a twenty year lifespan.

The blueprint saving on the environment not only comes in this 80% saving of lighting costs over the next 20 years, but also with the saving in fuel costs, in not having to drive to a shop to buy globes and the reduced cooling costs in summer, due to the cool temperature they operate at. And being that these fantastic lights are dimmable gives you that extra saving on your pocket and the environment!

In the past L.E.D downlights have been multi chip, poor quality, flicker when trying to dim them, too expensive and out of most people's price range to be able to afford to purchase for new houses, or for refit exchanges. So here at McCormicks we have seen a great need to develop an excellent quality (unique to McCormicks) magnified single chip LED energy efficient downlight and at the same time make it much more affordable for you. So we decided to personally manufacture these energy savers and offer them to you at a much reduced price than anything comparable on the market and thereby helping to save you money and the energy footprint on the earth. We are very passionate about this ideology and would like to make people aware of what we have achieved and how we can help you and the environment at the same time.

We also offer a free consulting session for before pre-starts where we explain ways you can achieve exactly the lighting you want and also ways to save your pocket. ( And not forgetting we make fantastic espresso,cappuccino coffees)

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